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Student debt and the stress associated with it

Student debt and the stress associated with it

Debt could obviously be a cause of major frustration. Students who take debts for their education or academic life endeavors usually end up being stressed. Under such cases, it is critical to deal with stress the way it should be done.


Because college life is highly expensive and the costs seem to rise every year, taking debts isn’t uncommon for many students. These costs do not only include tuition fee but also includes food, rents, bills and costs of hiring best essay writing for essay writing assignments. It has been estimated that in The United States, 1 out of every 4 student finds himself/herself drowning in debt. While most people may not recognize student debt as a major cause of stress, it usually is one hidden cause. The best way to deal with debt is to avoid it of course. Hence, students must use a debit card for shopping instead of a credit card. This is because by using a credit card, students are likely to spend away more than they can afford. This usually shifts their credit towards the negative side. Also, it doesn’t take the negative credit to further decrease up to an unaffordable value.


Students must avoid spending extravagantly. Or else, the debt may result in depression which would, in turn, affect one’s quality of life.