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Combine to form one of CS: GO

Headshot kings

Speaking after G2 s quarter final victory over NiP, discussion of his expectations is assured, but equally restrained. This quiet level of confidence is echoed by G2 s captain, Richard. Both men give the impression that they believe strongly in their team, but clearly understand the level of work needed make it to the top.

Individually if we re gonna be really good, we can win against everyone, but if we don t play well individually, we can lose to anyone, says Adil. Right now we re more reliant on communication and individualswe re trying to mix everything and find our own game style. We re still searching for it however we need some time and it s going well right now.

Since the ESL Pro League we lost some matches in ELEAGUE against teams like NiP, mousesports and Gambit at the major qualification so that was pretty hard, Richard says. After this we just came back home and worked on what we needed to fix mistakes. At the moment I m pretty happy with the team because all of us re finding again the way we want to play. We still have a lot to improve of course because we need more experience, we re a young team but we all re going in a good way.

Team mentality

This shared ideology is core to G2, and reflects the long history between the players. Both men have had long careers in French CS, and much of that has been spent together. If one thing has been established by G2 s recent performance, it h that Richard as well as Adil, both players of phenomenal skill alone, combine to form one of CS: GO s most formidable double acts.

The thing with me and ScreaM, it was back in 2010 in CS: Source, I saw his aim and realised he had definitely got talent, explains Richard. So in the same month we were creating a team and I wanted to pick him. I took [him] under my wings and wanted to help him learn more about the game. Even if we managed to split after simply because, I mean we were all young you know and when you re very young it t hard. We were like 16, 18, something like this. Cheap CSGO SkinsBetween him and also me we always liked playing together. Not only outside the game everything is good, yet inside because we have the same vision.

Shox and me, we have been playing together for a long time, Adil says. He s always been really good, I had some good times as well and now many of us re feeling good in this team. That s how we function. The whole team.CSGO Skinsthe relationship we have is really good actually, I mean most of us re not kids, we just like each other but some of us have known each other for ten years, six years, something like that so we really know one another and it s important to feel good outside the video game also.

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    Combine to form one of CS: GO
    Combine to form one of CS: GO
    Headshot kingsSpeaking after G2 s quarter final victory over NiP, discussion of his expectations is assured, but equally restrained. This quiet level ...
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