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zongyi Oct 12

Italy, Finland the industry of automation of ligneous adornment intelligence of well-known company 4 product line, make Chinese adornment decorate molded composite wood new material intelligence to create lead company. The project plans cent period invests construction, plan 3-5 year finish. This the construction of project of first phase of start working uses

the land 800 mus, floor area 300 thousand square metre, total investment makes an appointment with 1.5 billion yuan, the plan builds inside the current year and realize trial production. After whole project Plastic Lumber Yard Norristown builds entirely, will realize year of sale RMB 8.2 billion yuan, profit tax RMB 1.3 billion yuan. The working group that artisan god

company will turn equipment, outstanding major with advanced high-tech intelligence and mature hotel and residence are ligneous decorate operation experience, Polycarbonate Replacement Panels For A Gazebo the innovation trade pattern that outfit of home of data of combinative Internet, cloud, intelligence designs the sheet below online experience and Internet quickly, in settling trade of