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qianyuqianxun Sep 14

Nanocomposites are based on resin, rubber, ceramic and metal as the continuous phase, with nano-sized metal, semiconductors, rigid particles and other inorganic particles, fiber, carbon nanotubes and other modified to disperse phase, through the appropriate preparation method

The modifier is uniformly dispersed in the matrix material to form a composite system containing nano-sized materials, which is called nanocomposites. Nanocomposite composites nanocomposite composites nanocomposite composites functional composite materials are composite materials that provide other physical properties other than mechanical properties.

Such as: conductive, superconducting, magnetic, piezoelectric, damping, absorbing, through wave, friction, shielding, fire, heat, sound absorption, heat insulation highlights a function. Collectively referred to as functional composites. Functional composites are mainly composed of functional bodies and reinforcements and substrates. The functional body may consist of one or more functional materials.

Multi-functional composite materials can have a variety of functions. At the same time, there may be new effects due to the composite effect. Multifunctional composite material is the development direction of functional composite materials. synthetic marine decking 
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