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Formula Ones drivers appear to be divided on the potential implementation of Halo for 2017, an issue being voted on by the Strategy Group on Thursday. Cheap Swingman Nuggets Jerseys . Below is a round up of all the reaction of those in favour (including Sebastian Vettel, Daniel Ricciardo and Felipe Massa) and those still with reservations (including Nico Hulkenberg and Jolyon Palmer).?The presentation referred to by several was the one given by the FIA in Budapest on Halo, which highlighted the fact a driver would be 17 percent more likely to survive previous incidents with a Halo installed on the car.?Nico Hulkenberg:?Yeah, I think there are some mixed opinions amongst the drivers. Some favour it, some dont favour it. Obviously the aesthetics are no so good, it doesnt look very attractive. Yes, in some cases it would have been probably better and saved lives but as it is I think F1 is pretty safe and we also have to keep an element of danger there to keep it exciting, keep it spectacular. Its not in our hands whats going to happen with it. Today there is a meeting about Halo and well wait and hear from that.Pascal Wehrlein:?Im for the Halo, especially after the presentation we had in Budapest last weekend. Maybe it doesnt look so nice but it can save our lives - 17 percent [safer] so Im clearly forward.Felipe Nasr:?Im in favour as well. It doesnt look great as everybody has said, but on the other hand its safety that is the priority. I will be in favour. I believe for now, with what we have, its something better - in the priority list of safety it can be improved. But we have to consider that if it comes in we will have to get used to it because it looks very different.Daniel Ricciardo: I think what people from the outside need to understand is that when we say it will make it safer, it will, but that doesnt mean the risks we take our any less. It wont change our approach to a corner. For me, as much as I understand it, its to help [prevent] the freak accident, or if something comes flying in the air to stop it hitting us in the head as happened last year with some incidents in Indycar.I would say its purely to get rid of that risk and I think it will do a good job. But for us getting behind the wheel and going flat out in Eau Rouge or something will not change if weve got Halo on or not. Thats what people from the outside who are against it need to understand; were still race car drivers its just trying to eliminate that freak accident side of it.Nico Rosberg: It is very clear -- the large majority are definitely for the halo. Very large majority. We had the presentation from the FIA. And you can only be for it. I understand people who will see that ... critics, people who have something against the Halo, I understand that the purist and things like that, but nevertheless it is the right thing to do.Asked if he had totally ruled out Aeroscreen as alternative, he said: Yes, totally ruled out. Long term it is an option but for next year it is totally ruled out. It is always a development, isnt it? For now the best solution is Halo. But definitely they know that long term there is further development that can be done to make it even better. For example, adding a screen to it and things like that.The best solution for now is already found. It is the Halo.Kevin Magnussen: There is no argument to say its not safer to have the Halo. After learning about it and seeing the presentation about it in Hungary, its clearly a step forward in terms of safety but we can continue to make it safer. We can make [the cars] a maximum of 100bhp and for sure thatll be safer but thats not really Formula One. You can easily take out the DNA of the sport, thats what Im more worried about that safety.Romain Grosjean: I dont want to stop safety in Formula One and its great, but if were racing drivers then we make a choice to come into a dangerous sport and Im not at all in favour of the Halo. I think it goes against the DNA in Formula One, against what Ive seen as a kid or since it started in 1950.On top of that there has been a few downsides. We dont know what its going to be like when its raining; we dont know what its going to be like on a track like Spa-Francorchamps where youre up and down; we dont know what its going to be like in Singapore with the lights and the Halo; weve already got issues with the weight; and its ugly. If it comes, fine. But again if I had to vote I would vote against.Felipe Massa: I think its very difficult to give the right answer, so I think that the right answer if its better for the safety I am totally in favour. If you really can save a life and can improve the safety in different types of accidents and if the Halo can do that, yeah we need the Halo.If there is still some doubt, maybe it is better to be sure but I am in favour so I think we had some explanation at the last race about the Halo at the drivers briefing, they were explaining all these different types of accidents that they were analysing all the different things and it seems to be trusting. But as I said its important that if they change something you do a step forward, this is what we want.Maybe if you cannot save a life or save the driver in a big accident it would be not nice but as I said lets wait and see whats going to happen, in my opinion its positive that we need to try and improve the safety all the time.Jolyon Palmer: Im still against it. It was good that we had the presentation, it was interesting. I dont think it really changes that much for me, really. It was confirmed that it wouldnt have helped Felipe Massa, it wouldnt have helped Jules Bianchi, it would have helped Justin Wilson and it would have helped Henry Surtees.We dont have those incidents in Formula One because we are not racing on ovals. Brands GP kind of might as well be an oval, youve got very high-speed corners out the back and three meter run-offs, of course everything bounces back on. I think at Silverstone, with Copse, theres so much run-off, we dont have debris flying all over the track like they do, so I think its a similar thing to what I said before really, where IndyCar, I can see the point because you are doing oval racing.I dont think it would have saved a life in F1 for certainly over 20 years, or even prevented an injury, and there are other down sides that were brought up, like visibility. Ive never tried it but I know a couple of the drivers that have, have said that visibility straightforward is fine but starting to go up and down, imagine Eau Rouge, and youve got something blocking your view there, maybe actually you could have more complications.It could end up we improve the safety by having the Halo, which reduces from already I think we have to say its quite a small chance of an incident happening like that, but instead of doing that we have worse visibility every race, every time we go in the car, so I think there is a trade-off for me I prefer without.Everyone I speak to, well most people I speak to are actually against it but I think a lot of people dont really voice it so much ion the press. I think there is probably a bit of a divide, maybe some of the older guys prefer it, the younger guys dont.Daniil Kvyat: I think there are some people that are a bit old school who think there is enough safety in F1 and they say if you dont like it go to touring cars but some people say we want as much safety as possible. I personally think it is enough [currently].We dont have any right to call in the place to make a decision it is up to other people. I think they should speak to the drivers but it is up to them really. We can only express are feeling and opinions on this case. Cheap Nuggets Jerseys Authentic . Peter Gammons, an analyst for Major League Baseballs network and website, drew the ire of hockey fans on Sunday when he criticized the two NHL teams on Twitter for their physical game the night before. Cheap Nuggets Jerseys China . It was the second consecutive win for the Pacers (2-5), who lost their first five preseason games. Jeff Teague led the Hawks (1-5) with 17 points and eight assists and Al Horford had 12 points and seven rebounds. Mike Scott scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half. . PAUL, Minn. The 1990s, the Queens Park Oval, West Indies playing - India, if memory serves, but mine is more likely to spit in my soup - and Carl Hooper slid down the wicket, like a cobra on cocaine, to lift some poor sap - Anil Kumble? - back over, first his head, then long-offs, then ours in the press box, which fell silent, everyone listening for the ball crashing onto the roof, except we did not hear it: either it was caught unseen on the top tier of the then Republic Bank Youth Stand or the ball cleared the peaked media building roof, sailed across St Clair Avenue and landed unheard in the grass of then King George V (now Nelson Mandela) Park.It might have been the stroke that inspired the young Kieron Pollard, todays hardest hitter, whom I like to imagine sitting that day, open-mouthed, in the Schoolboys Stand; but however far anyone hits the ball, no one, then or since, could match Carls careless, flowing grace in that accelerated, unpredictable glide down the wicket. Australian spin legend Shane Warne even when he too was hit clear out of the ballpark, publicly admired the athletic elegance of the man his captain Steve Waugh included in his 100 Best Cricketers list.The Oval crowd, which back then knew a bit more about cricket and a bit less about how to get on TV by wearing embarrassing outfits, went crazy. Slowly the cheering subsided and Hooper tapped his bat. The person sitting next to me (Tony Cozier? Christopher Martin-Jenkins? Peter Roebuck? I cant ask those three now) leaned towards me and asked, Do you know how you can tell Carl Hooper is going to be out next ball? He looks to be in astonishing form.It wasnt the next ball, but it wasnt that much longer before Hooper, who on that form ought to have made a double-century, was slouching back to the pavilion - and even then with the unconsidered grace of the ballerina turning heads in the supermarket - out for one of the many unmemorable scores that lowered his Test average from over 50 to the mid-30s.There was never a cricketer who looked as good as Hooper. Next to him, Jacques Kallis, the only other man to have scored 5000 runs, taken 100 wickets, held 100 catches and collected 100 caps in both Tests and ODIs, seems an oaf. In the slips or covers, players like Jonty Rhodes, Gus Logie and AB de Villiers may have approached Carl Hooper at his best - and all three would probably admit that Hooper looked better; but those men, and most others, with only a fraction of his ability, consistently did better.This was an athlete with a physique so fine, they wouldnt have to Photoshop his image for the Carl Hooper video game: broad shoulders, prominent chest, ridiculously narrow waist, a six-pack before the term was popular, long, strong limbs rippling with muscle, and all of it wrapped in an elegance more befitting of a gymnast, if not a ballet dancer. Indeed, you have to leave humankind altogether to find his natural physical comparisons: a barracuda slicing through the water; a cheetah racing so fast it seems not to be moving at all - or even the jeté-jumping gazelle it chases. Carl Hooper could get out caught off a thick top edge more stylishly than most batsmen could late-cut between the slip and the wicketkeeper.And he did. Often. Get out stylishly.It was as enraging to tally his score as it was enthrallingg to watch him bat, however long or short his innings might be; and it was usually not just too short, which you might forgive, but shorter than it ought to have been, which you could not forget. Cheap NBA Jerseys. Just watching him walk towards the wicket, swinging his bat like a baton, you could hear, in your minds ear, the string section being tuned for a symphony - which was almost always not just left unfinished but ended before its own overture!After his first few appearances at the Oval, as he walked to the middle, you would hear, from the then-knowledgeable crowd, what sounded at first like an affectionate contraction of his surname - Hoops - until you realised people were dismissively predicting the usual, unnecessary, entirely avoidable way he would soon get himself out: Oops!But there were and are many West Indian cricketers who I could theoretically hate to love ahead of Carl. The great Viv Richards, e.g., who could have grounded a criminal charge of chewing gum with intent, seemed not to notice that Brian Lara could carry his bat as easily as he could towels and water bottles.None of the modern West Indies players who habitually throw away their wickets, even Marlon Samuels, the closest Ive seen to Hooper in unrealised potential, can hold a candle to Carl when it comes to letting us down. Because no one Ive ever seen was potentially as good as Carl Hooper. Not Viv, not the legendary Sir Garry, not the otherworldly Kanhai, who caused a generation of West Indian sons to be named Rohan and handed a cricket bat in the crib. Not even Lara, who took back the record from Matthew Hayden just to prove that he could, or Mikey Holding or Malcolm Marshall or Curtly Ambrose or Courtney Walsh, all of whom could take ten wickets for fewer runs when needed most.Carl Hooper was beauty and grace personified. In most of the cricket world, that beauty would have been nurtured, that grace finessed, that explosive potential developed carefully, so as not to set it off prematurely and waste it. In the West Indies, though, our interest is in denying potential, in stifling possibility, not in shaping it. You couldnt run successful slave societies for 300 years without acquiring the knack, and the habit has stuck. Every time Carl Hooper walked to the wicket, he filled me with the hope that makes all West Indians go on, even as our little economies grind to a halt. Because I could see in Carl his beauty, because he had shown it to me himself, so often, over so many games, in a century in his second Test, in yet another impossible catch in the covers, in awe-inspiring sixes; in his grace, I saw our own hope.And, too many times, the glory that should have been his slipped away from him because he lacked the concentration, or the professionalism, or whatever it is he had to lack that day to be sure he would not do as well as he ought to.He would be shot down before he could soar. And usually it was he whod pulled the trigger.You could line up all our greats and none of them would be as great a disappointment to me as Carl Hooper - because Carl was the most West Indian of them all. Carl Hooper is me; if I ever stopped loving him, Id have to hate him. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '