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Kaiteriteri Wholesale Bikini Beach bikini snapper Graham Rowe sentenced

Graham Thomas Rowe lingerie china was sentenced in the Nelson District Court on Tuesday morning having been found guilty by a jury last month of doing an indecent act with intent to insult.

A 61-year-old man who took photos of bikini-clad girls at Nelson's Kaiteriteri Beach without them knowing "offended against the recognised standards of decency", a court has heard.

Judge Tony Zohrab sentenced Rowe to 120 hours' community work and six months' supervision with a special condition to work with a probation officer to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

Rowe told a probation officer that he intends to appeal his conviction and have it overturned. His lawyer Rob Ord said he has yet to take instruction on filing an appeal.

Rowe took photos of three girls, believed to be aged 12-15, wearing bikinis at Kaiteriteri Beach on January 23 last year.

He did not seek the girls' permission to photograph them and took steps to conceal what he was doing.

"It's pretty clear that this behaviour is unacceptable. It offends against the recognised standards of decency," Zohrab said.

"You have a total lack of insight in that you somehow think that this behaviour is acceptable."

Taking photographs at a public beach is legal in most circumstances, but the trial focussed on Rowe's intentions.

During the trial, Crown prosecutor Sefton Revell said Rowe's behaviour was "inappropriate, offensive and insulting" to the girls.

He said Rowe's photography was sexually motivated "because there isn't another explanation for it".  Ad Feedback

Rowe said he took photos of the girls because he found them attractive and they looked to be having fun.

"Attractive to me personally, their looks," he said. "I enjoy all forms of attractiveness, all forms of beauty and that includes girls and young women, of course."

Rowe was confronted by off-duty police officer Sergeant Daniel Isherwood, of Christchurch, who was on holiday in Kaiteriteri.

Isherwood seized Rowe's camera and laptop computer.

Rowe had a folder on his laptop called "girls" that contained thousands of photos in sub-folders, including blondes, Asians and others.

Rowe said some of his photos were for a South Island travel book he was working on and others were for "my own enjoyment".

He denied that his actions were sexually motivated, saying that medication he took for depression suppressed his libido. 

The jury was told that there is no legal definition of indecency.

It was up to them, as right-thinking members of society, to determine whether Rowe's actions amounted to indecency or not.

At sentencing, Zohrab said: "Any reasonable person would conclude that this behaviour was totally inappropriate."

However, he said his impression was that Rowe wasn't a sexual predator as there was nothing objectionable found on his computer.

In a brief statement read to the court, Rowe said he has been "reflecting deeply on the effect of my photography on others."

Rowe has told a probation officer that he intended to ask permission before taking photos of people in future.

Rowe was before the court twice in 2005, facing similar charges.

In the first case, he was found guilty of offensive behaviour for taking pictures of girls walking to school along public roads, according to a report at the time.

Rowe photographed them from inside his van and was found to have more than 100 rolls of films of girls aged 10-15.

In the second case, he was found with 13 images on his laptop, all of young women studying at Otago University.

That time he was found not guilty of offensive behaviour.

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