New Weapons and Weather Effects Coming In This Week's 'PUBG' Update


Date & time Sep 13
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This week's PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Items update will bring new weather effects and weapons, developer publisher-developer Bluehole detailed today. Furthermore, it gave an update about when players can expect vaulting to come to the game, as well as other features.

Bluehole first touches on its upcoming vaulting system, saying this can't introduce the mechanic as quickly as many players seem to be requesting. According to its post, the system needs to be able to dynamically detect and analyze the actual tens of thousands of objects in the game the can be vaulted over or climbed.

"The algorithm is quite complex and requires rigorous testing and fine-tuning of the map, " the company said. "Testing it for only a couple of days before deployment on the Live servers won’t be enough for us to identify all bugs and side effects. Therefore , we are planning to test it for a longer period of time in early November. If needed, we may roll it out on test servers for a certain amount of time even before November. Until then, we will be working on the feature internally. "

Additionally , idle players will now be prohibited from earning Battle Points, something the team says it will be monitoring to improve the current system in the future.

Lastly the development team gave an update on the first-person servers: "For SOLO and SQUAD, we will continue to monitor player data in the region and determine when we can add another game mode, " that said. "After looking into data and adding FPP to OCE servers, we have also found that the number of FPP players in South America and Southeast Asia has increased recently. We will continue to keep track of data and provide an update as soon as conclusive results can be reported. We would definitely like to provide a better FPP experience to players within SA and SEA servers. However , Pubg items we must look into this with more detail to ensure that including another game mode does not hurt the user experience for the player base as a whole. 

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