You Are Your Own Boss, Act Like One!


Date & time Apr 11 '19
Creator Robert Huges

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Robert Huges


You Are Your Own Boss, Act Like One!

You have come to college to build your own life and that can’t be done as a team. In that case no one should coerce you to do anything that you don’t feel like doing or are not planning to do during your time in the campus. Bullying is a reality in colleges and when you stand tough against them you will have nothing to worry about.


Having to seek for essay papers isn’t a show of weakness and so you should be bold when carrying on with your academic activities, and shouldn’t be answerable to any student who feels like he or she is trying to boss you around. Stand on your own feet and say no when you mean it. Don’t join a club or a culture because your friends have given into it. All you do in college should have a positive course and ending.


You have your beliefs from since you joined college and you should stick to them. keep away from strangers who will ask for your company just because you met at a party. Everything you do should always be your decision. There is nothing bad like messing up and starting to blame it on someone else, while you surely understand that you could have done it differently and positively.

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